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Sultana: Major Jabali Slaps Mwanzela

In the Sultana series Mwanzela works at Major Jabali's house. Today's episode Major Jabali is eagerly waiting for his wife to give birth. Mwanzela informs his boss, Major Jabali that their is a pregnant goat that has swallowed a plastic paper and need a veterinarian but Major Jabali doesn't wants any disturbances, he tells Mwanzela not to stress him because his mind is only on to his wife who is few minutes to deliver.

Mwanzela insist his boss to help and call veterinarian to check on the goat but Major due to anger will slap him and tells him to go and slaughter the goat because he has many things on his head.

Mwanzela will get the goat and will slaughter it with other workers. The workers will appreciate their boss Major Jabali for being good boss and his blessed with everything but lacks a child. The workers wishes him to get a child.

Later Major Jabali wife will deliver safely and Jabali will be happy because he has got is heir but the truth is that Bi Ua gave birth to baby girl and her midwife Bi Salama exchange her and brought baby boy to Bi Ua.

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