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Rare Occasions When Nameless Stepped Out Without His Signature Hat Or Glasses (PHOTOS)

David Mathenge alias Nameless is one of the best Kenyan music artists who has ever lived. He started doing music in late 1990s while he was in the University of Nairobi pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. During his early days of doing music, he used to be a very private person that hid behind a mask. In fact, some of his campus-mates never even knew he was the guy behind the hit Megarider when it came out.

Since then he has always maintained a signature look that his fans mostly identify with. He always steps out wearing his signature hat and glasses. Occasionally he throws in a durag but since his dreadlocks grew longer, he seems to have dropped it.

Many Kenyans are always curious to see how the 44-year-old architect looks like without the two accessories. He rarely posts photos of him without them but he actually does share them once in a while. On digging dipper, this writer came up with a collection of throwback photos of the father of two. Check them out below;

(When he was just an infant that could barely talk)

(When he was in the university of Nairobi before fame. No sign of dreadlocks even)

(When he was in Class 8. He had not even joined secondary school)

(He has always been a cool kid. You see how cool he looks in that attire?)

(When he was just a young boy in primary school. He says he used to be very insecure about his ears)

(The occasion when his campus-mates knew he was the guy behind the mask during the Megarider days)

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