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"Mimi Hutongozwa Kila Siku Na Madem" - Terence Creative Admits

It’s not just the fairer sex who get hit on by randos! Kenyan entertainer Terence Creative has revealed that he too has to fend off advances from women who want a taste of his meat – all while his wife Milly Chebby is away.

The multi-talented social media sensation shared a hilarious example of just how persistent some women can be. He explained;

“Mimi hutongozwa kila siku ni vile dada sina wakati wa kuanika watu, wengine ni mafans wetu, kwa hivyo I can’t be exposing them every time. So I understand them, there are those who love me so profoundly excessively, but I will try to control them, I won’t be exposing everyone the way I did when my wife Milly chebby traveled to Nigeria. ”

Video courtesy of BTG News.

He admitted that he usually tells Milly about these incidents, and they laugh it off together. “Sometimes I show my wife, and I’m like, ‘Look at how this lady is persistently trying to woo me,’ and we just laugh it off,”

He added that he does not expose every woman who hits on him because some of them are their fans, and he does not want to disrespect them. However, he assured his fans that he tries his best to control them and maintain his loyalty to his wife.

Of course, this is a far cry from the scandalous drama that rocked Terence and Milly’s marriage three years ago. Back then, Terence had cheated on his wife with environmental enthusiast Anita Soina, causing a storm online. After weeks of silence, Terence finally broke his silence on Instagram, admitting his wrongdoing and promising never to cheat again. Milly, for her part, was devastated by the betrayal but ultimately forgave her husband.

Since then, Terence has been a model of faithfulness to Milly, even as he continues to field advances from adoring fans. And as for that car and a million shillings on offer in exchange for a night of passion? Sorry, ladies – Terence’s got his own wheels, and he’s not interested in playing that game again!

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