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What Fila And Lila Will Tell Their Father Madiba In The Coming Episode Of Zora Series.

In our today's episode,Kwame and Madiba will be in the village trying to cook with traditional firefoods where Kwame will be cooking ugali while Madiba will be preparing vegetables.Life for them here in the village is very hard.After some time Lila and Fila will join them and they look very angry with their father.

Fila and Lila will tell their father that they are tired with that life he is giving them and they says that they want to go to stay with their other grandmother from their mother's side.Madiba will be shocked.Lila and fila will leave.

Madiba will go to his mother Zalena and explain to her what Fila and Lila has told him.Zalena will also be shocked.She will tell Madiba that since he killed his wife,Lila and Fila has gone through alot and he may end up in jail and loose his children.So it's up to him to decide what he want.

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