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Kabu Gives Sarah Kabu A Heart Warming Surprise Presented By Moya David While Heading To Mauritius

The Kabus that's Kabu Simon and his wife Sarah are one of the most popular social media influencers that we have in the entertainment industry. The couple is popularly known for being top enterpreneurs that own a famous travel company known as Bonfire Adventures. It's a company that provides travel services to celebrities who go for both local and international vacations. 

Right now these Bonfire Adventures CEOs are celebrating their marriage anniversary. They travelled to Mauritius for a vacation while having their love memories for achieving a successful marriage that's now blessed with two kids. Sarah and Kabu have shared photos of their memories having good times. 

One of the most amazing moments that have gone viral is about Kabu's surprise for Sarah. According to Sarah's recent posts, Kabu Simon hired a popular guy to surprise her on his behalf. Moya David, being one of the most famous social media guys who are good at surprising ladies for this chance. 

Kabu had to travel with Moya David carrying the surprise package which he gave to Sarah. The entire romantic thing happened inside the plane they were traveling in. It was quite a heart warming moment for Sarah that left her crying uncontrollably. 

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