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8 Series Similar to Money Heist

As much as we all loved money heist, it takes sometime to put up a new season a year or so that is why we need to keep you entertained. Cant say its for the time being because these series that i am introducing to you today are as good as money Heist.Grab some pop corns wont you?.

Breaking Bad

Otherwise known as El Camino. Diagnosed with stage three cancer, walter White a high school chemistry teacher decide to join hands with his dropout former student Jesse Pinkman and start cooking and selling meth so as to secure his family's future after he is gone. This series is rated even higher than money heist.Image courtesy of pinterest.


British army veteran who suffers from PTSD is assigned to be a bodyguard to a home secretary. They have different opinions as the bodyguard hates politics unlike the secretary.Image courtesy of pinterest.

Prison Break

This series some may say is rated above money heist as it has a heist guru like professor. It is based in prison and escaping. One of the best series there is.Image courtesy of pinterest.

Inside Man

Focuses on bank heist, hostages and a mastermind that orchestrates the heist. Its a bit old premiered in 2006 but very captivating.Image courtesy of pinterest.

Now you see me

This series is illusion themed. They create illusion and pull of bank heists and robberies as they performed to large crowds. FBI and Interpol are after them but unable to catch them.Image courtesy of pinterest.

The Italian Job

Its an old movie that focuses on the starring trying to steal gold by creating traffic jam. Hope you get it in the movie shops or just try to download it yourself. Its an action comedy crime type of movie.Image courtesy of pinterest.

Oceans 8

Rihanna"s fans here you go with a crime movie with her as a nerdy computer geek. They create a thieves family that makes boss ass moves as they are all ladies.Image courtesy of pinterest.


A financial advisor realizes that his business partner cheated a big client and secretly relocates with his family. Therefore he decides to recruit a lady to pull off a heist so as to launder money.Image courtesy of pinterest.

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