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Kevin Wesley: Polygamous Man Living Happily With His Two Wives

Photos of Kevin Wesley have gone viral on the internet as people admire and some left amazed of how two wives can happily share a man .

(Source : Facebook)

He has since then inspired other people who are in a marriage such as his . One such person is Georgio Reed who even posted on his Facebook account saying ; " Most don't understand this lifestyle they just think it's ***** and that's where you fail lol. That's where you go wrong . If it isn't for you don't think you have the right to judge it . I'm polygynous and before you judge me please understand this . I don't want you... I say am polygynous and a woman will comment and say that lifestyle isn't for me or ewww that's nasty , like I actually want you or something . Don't flatter yourself ... Most didn't know this about me at all. And I'm tired of keeping it a secret like its something wrong with it . 

I'm completely and i love myself for that because my love is big and if you know me then you know this . Judge me if you must , delete me if you must . 

But I won't care either way . Sorry to kill the monogamous fantasy you had in your head about me and you but its not happening .That lifestyle has never been for me . Love is infinite and I am an infinite being. Watch my love heal the world ."

(Source ; Facebook )

Its a post that caught the eye of Kevin Wesley who even went ahead to post the screenshot of Reed's post . Kevin had this to say , " Brother that was powerful and wonderfully said , I know it wasn't easy and I also know how hard it is trying to conform knowing you aren't complete . I just read this to my queens and they were moved that our relationship inspired you . We want to do all we can to aid you in this journey. " He has three kids who seem to be teenagers believed to belong to the older wife and a very young child believed to be of the younger wife.(Source : Facebook . All photos in the above article are from Kevin Wesley's Facebook Account.)

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