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7 disturbing questions that can only be answered in Zora season two (Opinion)

Even though Zora has ended,we viewers have been left with many unanswered questions. This will only be answered if season two of Zora is aired. Below are some questions that will be answered if season two is aired;

1. What happened to Loretta and Oscar?At the end of the movie we aren't told of what happened to them. Nothing at all.

2. Whereabouts of Milton Chibale. Did Ogolla keep his end of the bargain not to arrest Milton? Did Milton forgive and accept his father Oscar?

3. Who was that man that hugged Zora? Was he just a friend or her new lover? Where had she disappeared to for the past three months?

4. Did Madiba tell Lila that she was not his biological daughter but rather grandpa Oliver's child?

5. Was Talia arrested for Oliver Chibale's murder?

6. What was it about the Citizen sacco that Ogolla and Hodan were investigating?

7. What happened to Pipi. Did he go back to his mother's rural home or did he continue hustling at the ghetto?

This are just but a few of the questions that can only be answered in season two of Zora. What are your thoughts? Do you think Jiffy pictures should bring us season two.

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