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Annoyed Bitter Onyonka Angrily Lashes Back To Kaguchia On Citizen TV Over Raila's Stake In Central

If you could take a thermometer and measure the temperature at the moment Kitutu Chache member of parliament was talking, it was actually beyond room temperature, hot indeed.

Citizen TV played host to Richard Onyonka who is a parliamentarian from Kitutu Chache, High Court advocate, Steve Ogolla, Professor Herman Manyora and Nyeri speaker John Kaguchia.

Discussion centered the state of the nation.

During Kaguchia's turn to voice his views, it is when he touched the nerves of Richard. He said the following.

"For those thinking Mount Kenya is headed for division, they should be reminded that we are intact on the ground, division could be of few political leaders and not people, otherwise we are united just as we were in 2013 and 2017. For those courting the region, some of them are not saleable in this community, some leaders say, Raila, however much they wooe the 'mountain', their stake, position and presence not that much felt or welcomed, the environment is different on this part of Kenya, we are just the same, nothing has changed."

Itched Ford Kenya MP took the tempo to answer back, you could easily see the annoyance and bitterness written all over his face as he was responding. He said the following.

"I fail to get it, what is so special about this mountain that Raila can't easily step and be welcomed honourably? Do you know how much Raila has done for your people? He paid school fees for Rachael Shebesh, he nominated Isaac Mwaura and brought him in the world of politics, and others that are in the public domain, his father has done much for your people, why can't you see all these, you say that he doesn't have a place, Infact Raila has won elections without Mount Kenya and Rift valley."

It was a bitter exchange of a take down, on the other hand, the speaker responded.

"My point actually was not meant to hurt Onyonka, but just the basic facts on the ground."

You can clearly get the picture on how it was this morning.

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