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Munene Nyaga And Bakari Of Citizen Tv Excites Kenyans With Their Swahili Teachings

For those who watch citizen nipashe every Friday at 7:30pm, you will know Munene Nyaga and Stub Bakari who hosts a segment called Longa Longa with Mashirima Kapombe.

Munene Nyaga is one of the Journalist in Kenya who has been in media for many years and now having a program at Citizen tv alongside Mashirima Kapombe and Bakari. It is the same to Bakari who is also a swahili poet writer and swahili teacher who has experience in the language. Together with Nyaga and Kapombe they give definitions of swahili words that many people don't understand or know.

At the segment, they go out to streets and challenge Kenyans to define some swahili words before they define them live on studio. Some people define the words in a funny way something that makes the viewers get excited thought the program. The program ends with Bakari reciting a swahili poetry with a theme that concern Kenyans or what happens in Kenya. Some of his poets touches Coronavirus, Kenyan Economy among other topics.

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