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Zora: " Kumbe Hakuagi Na Roho Mbaya" Lorreta Does This To Neema

In today's episodes Neema will be relaxing thinking how she lost her jobs and left with no any money. After some minutes Neema her phones starts ringing,she complains who could have called her.

Neema receives the calls and finds is Lorreta.lorreta asks how is the going since her brother kicked her out,Neema says she is fine pushing with life. Lorreta thanks her for helping her nieces Lila and Fila, and is so sorry for his brothers for firing her. Loretta tells her she will call her in a few minutes.

Lorreta sends some money to Neema, she will be so happy because she was serious broke. Lorreta calls her again and Neema thanks her alot then Lorreta will ask Neema where she is living,Neema says she is at her friends house. Lorreta asks her to find the direction she will make a visit. Then Neema will thank her again and Lorreta cuts of the phone.

Lorreta can be a good person if she can sends money to Neema and also thanking her for helping her nieces.

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