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Renowned Actress Dorea Chege Says She Used More than 1Million For Her 7 Bedroom Mansion Foundation.

Renowned Actress Dorea Chege, whom Kenyans have come across especially from the citizen television Maria Series, has been on the spotlight since she started building her 7bedroom mansion.

The renowned Actress, also from the Selina series on maisha magic TV, was also on the race for the Nairobi women representative seat before withdrawing her bid. Maria stated that many factors made her step down in her bid which some included:

1. Many threats from other politicians especially from the opposition side.

2. Offers from politicians especially her competitors for her to step down from the race.

In a statement to one of her interviews from various media houses, Dorea Chege stated:

"It all started as a joke. I received so many calls, even from my grandfather. I had not even told my parents, so when my mum called me, she encouraged me and told me I could do it," she said.

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"I would get calls from people to step down, then there were people who would call me and offer me money to drop my bid and help them campaign that I even started looking at such options, but it got to a point I just told me I am out of the race, because I am not used to those political things," she added.

Dorea Chege stated that her mother, played a key role in encouraging her to build a home for herself and her family by buying a land.

"She took me to Juja, I looked at the prices and since I am a good saver, I had the money and so I decided to buy the land since it was like peanuts. I had no intentions of building the house at all, I just wanted to buy land and then forget about it," she said.

Dorea Chege also added that she has so far used about KSh 3.7 million with more than KSh 1 million only for the foundation of her 7-bedroom house.

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