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Cars In Kenya That Will Tell You More About Their Owner's Personality (OPINION)

Incase you are wondering, did you know that in most cases a vehicle one drives can sometimes project the types of personality they possess. Below are some of the most common cars we see on our roads.

1. Subaru

Anybody who owns a Subaru is known to be very competitive, persuasive, not very patient and in most cases very arrogant in nature. If you've ever been on the same highway with people who own Subarus, you'll definitely know that they never take chances when overtaken. They will always want to take lead, be ahead of everyone and be the center of attraction.

2. Prados and V8's

People who own this types of vehicles are known to be very proud thinking that the world only belongs to them, egocentric, tough and prominent in society. They will do everything in their power to dominate and are very good fighters.

3. Probox

Anybody who owns a Probox is known to be business minded and very sharp, good decision makers, persuasive, competitive, never judgemental and will always seek more to thrive.

4. Vitz

People who own these types of cars are known to be introverts and in most cases stay in their own lanes. Some are known to pass rational decisions simply because in most cases they are stressed about certain things in life.

People who go for these cars are always on a tight budget and are poor decision makers and sometimes cunning.

5. Old School Mercedes benz

People who these vintage cars are some of the most intelligent people who in most cases must have been very prominent people in the government and society. They are wise and the young ones owning them get to understand and learn very fast about life.

6. 21's Century Mercedes Benz

These types of individuals who own these cars always project to be showoffs and know it all to others. They are arrogant but also very intelligent.

7. Peugeot

People who own these types of cars are old souls, are very wise and very simple. They are known to be very quiet at times, good listeners and more so know the value of life.

Most of them are fighters and never back down from any fights of life. Just as the peugeot is strong, their minds, hearts and souls are also strong.

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