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Timothy Kimani aka Njugush Was Left Speechless After His Wife Did This To Her Food

Celestine Ndinda and Njugush have the topest interaction between each other. Their union is one of kind.

Celestine Ndinda and Njugush were in their home during the morning hours when one of this Suprising thing happened. Celestine Ndinda argued That she did her house chores very early like making lunch and supper. This Would enable her to create time for herself to be able to relax. Celestine Ndinda would relax well because her son was not around.

Celestine was consuming her breakfast when Timothy Kimani who is her beloved darling stated that Celestine has a very bad habit of arguing that she does not take meat yet she hides it under other foods. Celestine Ndinda told Timothy Kimani that she was not happy with what he was doing about because it's not true in whatever way and he was turnishing her name. Timothy argued that Celestine was doing that for him not to see.obeserve it here.

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