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Netizens Reacts After Bien's Wife Posed A Photo With Makena Njeri

As a result, Chiki Kuruka, the singer Bien Baraza' s wife of one year, took to social media to express her rage at fans who had made derogatory comments about a photo of her with media personality Makena Njeri. Chiki Kuruka has been married to Bien Baraza for one year.

They gained a great deal of attention in reaction to an early morning post on her Instagram account, in which the witty and sassy dancing instructor enthused about their accomplishment in speaking up for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) community.


" I' m SO proud of us mama! We DID it. Pride Month. Bold and Proud. And what a BEAUTIFUL moment it was. My call is to allies. Let' s be bolder prouder and stronger" she said in a caption.

Some members of the internet community, on the other side, were not pleased with the message, with some guessing as to how Chiki Kuruka could support the LGBTQ community while remaining married to a guy.

" Consider the scenario in which you play both sides. . .

Much love to you, " carole. keysha was the name of a follower who sent a letter to the editor.


Chiki Kuruka answered in a short and harsh manner, saying the following:

" It' s time to let go and laugh. That' s exactly what you gleaned from the experience. OMG, does it really matter if you' re a Christian and you take a picture with a Muslim to encourage others to be more open- minded? Does that mean you' re both members of the same religious group? I, on the other hand, am a proud ally who adheres to the principle of equality to the fullest extent possible. Please accept my apologies if the message was misunderstood or confusing. "

Several further rejoinders between Chiki Kuruka and some of her dissatisfied fans are presented in the following section of the article.

Makena Njeri, who is happily gay and also the CEO of Bold Networks Africa, has been loud in pushing for the support of the LGBTQ community and promoting awareness through her numerous social media outlets, and her message is particularly pertinent.


With the help of her alleged girlfriend Michelle Ntalami, they also came up with the moniker BOLD, which stands for Brave Odd Loud and Different, which they employed to represent themselves earlier this year.

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