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Size 8 Mesmerised By Milly, Kabi Wa Jesus' Exotic Home While Visiting: "Inakaa Vizuri"

The content creators Kabi Wa Jesus and his family are good friends with gospel singer Size 8 and her husband.

Size 8 is impressed with Milly's house.

The Pale Pale artist recently visited the YouTubers to see their little daughter, but as soon as they entered the home, they were enchanted by its beauty.

Size 8 said, "Wow, this house appears much nicer than it does online."

Together with her, her husband praised the Wa Jesus and said:

"It seems as though you snap images from a specific viewpoint because you guys don't even show the entire house. It appears to be extremely lovely."

Size 8 posted a video of herself and DJ Mo taking a photo inside their home while she lifted her two middle fingers and her husband kissed her on the cheek.

The performer was seen cradling Kabi's daughter, who was born in April, in another scene of the video.

Netizens' responses

Following are a few of the video post comments:

RT @jamesmuthomi689:

Rich for rich is the motto.

Tweeted by @fancycollection ke:

I appreciate the way you express gratitude to everyone around you.

@itskoome also said

I really do adore this kind of friendship.

@ayumabrema left a comment

"May you continue sharing the gospel, my role model spouses."

Amazing living room showcased by Kabi and Milly

Many of the fans of the YouTubers Wa Jesus Family were in shock as they gave them a spectacular tour of their opulent living room.

In 2021, Milly Wa Jesus was led to a building site while wearing a blindfold by her husband, Kabi Wa Jesus, before she learned that it was a groundbreaking ceremony for their house.

Kabi told her he had decided it was time to build a permanent family home to guarantee their future and that of their family.

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