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Sultana:Kaka Successfully Prevents Dida From Entering His House

In today's episode, Dida will call and ask him if he will find him at home because is almost near to his house and Kaka says yes. Mbuya asks Kaka after all the argument is still allowing Dida into the house. Kaka tells him he has nothing to do because Dida is almost.

After some minutes Dida will be at Kaka's house. Dida tells him is tired and needs to rest but Kaka is afraid. Dida asks him why he can't allow her to enter the house or his village girl has come to visit him. Kaka tells him is nothing but his father. Dida will be shocked and asks Kaka if it's Mbuya is in the house but Kaka changes the story and tells Dida his father Mwanzele.

Kaka tells Dida that his father has been arguing with him because of her. Kaka convinces Dida they go somewhere else to rest and have some alcohol. Dida will be surprised because she has never seen Kaka taking alcohol but Kaka tells her not to worry because everything has its starting.

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