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Sultana: Zuu Slaps Babu Kalo

Tomorrow's episode Babu Kalo will meet Zuu and helps her to put down her water bucket. First Babu Kalo will be sorry for what she will tell her because he didn't mean to do that. Babu Kalo informs Zuu that all the time they have being looking for Salama and Sultana he was aware. Zuu will be shocked and asks Babu Kalo if he is serious and say yes.

Babu Kalo tells Zuu not to worry because Sultana and Salama are safe . Zuu will be annoyed and slaps Babu Kalo. Zuu tells him that he should have told them because they are family but Babu Kalo tells her that he first said sorry. Babu Kalo tells her that Salama wants to see them by the evening. Zuu will throw her lesso to Babu and leaves.

Zuu will then inform Mwanzele and Maneno that Babu Kalo is aware of whereabout of Salama and Sultana and should be ready to see them in the evening.

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