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Zora: Master is Humiliated by his Wife in the Presence of Hamida

The episode begins when Hamida was going to her stall to open her business. She was talking with Neema about the issues at Oliver's family and how people are dying mysteriously there. Zora is at the site where Oliver's body was found dead.

However, Hamida and Neema are waiting for Zora to tell them what transpired and who might be responsible for the murder of Oliver. Everyone is present when Oliver's body is removed from the basement of the building and the detective got hold of Nana and tells her that she was under arrest as the first suspect in the murder case.

Moreover, Master meets Hamida on her way to the market. She had waited for Zora to bring the information about Oliver's death, but she delayed arriving. On her way out of the compound, Master, and Hamida meets and Master is telling Hamida how much she loves her and he would allow always protect her whenever possible. Surprisingly, Pipi's mother arrives and finds Master and Hamida talking. She started harassing Hamida and Master without fear and he looked down without uttering a word. He was afraid of her because she was very strong.

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