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Opinion: Are These Comedians Using Body Enhancement or Kenyans Are Accusing Them Falsely?

Kenyan comedians are among the people who always entertain us whenever we are stressed or feeling depressed. Crazy Kennar had once announced that his work is just to stand against depression in the country. On the other hand, Flaqo Raz will ensure that he takes us back to the old days and see how our lives were with toxic and overprotective parents.

When the comedians were starting their acting careers, they were not so rich and their body not well built. Years have passed by and we have experienced some of our comedians going through body enhancement to look fit. They attributed their body building success to gymnastics but people did not believe them.

The first comedian who transformed his body completely is Njugush. He is totally different from the one that we new five years ago. He was body shamed when he was so skinny while acting at The Real House Helps of Kawangware. Years have passed by and now he is among the top transformed celebrities in Kenya. However,his success cane with alot of criticism frim a group of Kenyans who claimed that he used body enhancement for his body.[Photo Courtesy]

The second comedian is Eric Omondi. Tje comedian is not the same anymore since he transformed to a muscular man and even wanted to fight with Kaligraph Jones. His journey was accompanied by alot of question if how he managed to have a strong body so easily. Recently, his photographer spilled the beans when he said that Erick Omondi pays him KSH.70,000 for his photos to be edited.That is why you will find out that Eric Omondi's body look more string in photos than in reality.[Photo Courtesy]

The last comedian is Flaqo Raz. The comedian recently caused stir online after posting his photos well built with sux packs. He lamented how people used to body shame him because if her looks and that is why he decided to change. He claimed that he usually stay in a gym everyday to gain that body physique but people did not believe. They linked him to use of enhancement chemicals to look fit. This comes after changing his dental arrangement recently to replace his broken teeth.[Photo Courtesy]

Do you think what people are accusing this comedians us true? Share your your comments, likes and do not forget to follow me for more updates.

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