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Best Gengetone Group in 2020 Ranking List Is Out.

Within the last three years there have been a huge rise in Gengetone music culture and this is evident by vigorous production of Gengetone songs by various solo artists and Groups that are popularly celebrated by youths in the whole country and beyond. 

There have been a debate among followers of various Gengetone groups over which group is the best. Here is a detailed ranking of the top five Gengetone groups in 2020.


This group of young artist had a breakthrough in music industry with their song Lamba Lolo in 2018. It is made up of four guys namely: SWAT, Rekles , Seska and Zilla. Some of their songs include: Tarimbo , Maji Maji, Figa, Chapa Chapa , New position ft. The Kansoul among other hits. Their YouTube subscribers are 212k currently.

     2 ★ THE KANSOUL

They were top in the list back in the days but overthrow by rapidly rising Ethic Entertainment. It was formed back in 2014 with three members namely; Mejja, Maddrax and Kid Kora. Later Kid Kora quitted the group leaving Mejja and Maddrax. They were never shaken and still continues to produce hit songs. Some of their songs are Dabotap, No Woman No Party, Bablas among other hits. They are registered under YouTube Channel MwendaChizi with 37.7k subscribers currently.

     3. ★ SAILORS

They started as a trio in 2017 by three artists Miracle Baby, Qoqos Juma and Lexy Yung but later joined by Shalkido and Masilver making it a group of five young artists. They are rising rapidly and some of their hits like Wamlambez gone beyond East Africa. Other song by Sailors include Wainame, Pekejeng, Queen B, Katanisha, Wakiritho ft. Octopizzo among other tracks. They are registered under YouTube channel Mwalimu Rachel TV with 110k subscribers.


This is a group of three talented young artists namely Exray, Maddox and Odi Wa Murang'a. They started their career as gospel artists but later made a shift claiming that gospel music has no pay. Some of their songs include Party after Party ft. Zzero Sufuria, Modo Man, Sidonyo, Madam ft. Wakali Wao, Chuma Ilale Ndani and Mboko Haram among other tracks. Their YouTube subscribers are 99.9k currently.


I would rather say it's a tie with BOONDOCKS GANG but for minimal chances it appears below BOONDOCKS GANG. It is a group of three artists namely: Benzema, Nelly The Goon and Dmore. Some of their hit songs are Ngwaii, Kaa Na Mama Yako, DoReMi, Mbinginji Imekulwa Na Ndongi among other tracks. Their YouTube subscribers are 102k currently.

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