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Tyler Perry Comically Swears To Never Speak To Kim Kardashian Again For Wearing This At The Met Gala

Tyler Perry an American film and tv producer, script writer, actor and director has gotten her character Madea out of the retirement closet just to comically call out Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian stepped out during the Met Gala event last week dressed all black head to toe looking like a shadow and her choice of outfit has stirred a debate online.

Tyler Perry as Madea has posted a video on his social media saying that he wasn't going to speak to Kim Kardashenan anymore because she stole 'Madea's' idea and outfit. 'Okay, I am not talking to Kardashenan no more, see......she asked me 'whatchu wearing' and I told her what I was wearing and then I described to her everything and she said 'ooh wow, that's hot', right......then you know what she did.....stole what I was gonna put damn on.....she stole my whole idea and outfit. Ladies never let your girlfriends know what you're wearing ....."

What do you think of Kim Kardashian's outfit at the Met Gala event?

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