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The Function Of The Body, The Soul And The Spirit

A man is made of a Spirit, Soul and the Body. The outer most is the Body, inside the body is a Soul and inner most is the spirit of a man. The body of a man has senses.That's the sence of touch, sight, hearing etc. Its the part of a man that encounters the physical world.

   The body is the outermost shell of man that is visible by our natural eyes. It's what gets sick, bleeds and ages over the years. The bible likes to call it flesh. It's the one responsible for sexual desires, materialism and many more.

  The souls is sandwiched between the Body and the spirit. It comprise of intellect which aids us in the state of existence and emotions which proceeds from the senses. The soul is man's own self consciousness which have will, emotions, personality and intellect. 

  The soul is the battle field of decisions through the his will to either do right or wrong things. Emotions like love, hatred, mercy also are in the soul triggered by the senses from either the body or the spirit.

  The personality of a man is exactly who he is and that's still a part of the soul. What you really are is what your soul is made up. That's why the scripture calls man a living soul. Out of the abundance of the heart(soul) the mouth speaks.

  So in other word a man is exactly what he is from the inside. Intellect is the ability to make decisions depends on who smart or foolish you are. All these are in the soul. 

 Lastly the spirit of a man is the innermost part of a man. It's the part that communicates with God and by which alone we are able to apprehend and worship him. The spirit will bring peace to your soul if your right with God and conviction when your doing the wrong things.

  God dwells in the spirit, self dwells in the soul, will sense dwells in the body.

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