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The Unsolved Case Of Girl Who Was Killed For Being Too Beautiful

The beautiful girl was called Raudha Athif. She was from a Muslim community.

She was from the Maldive, a small island on the Indian ocean. Raudha was born on 18/05/1996. As she was growing up, her beautiful appearance got the attention of everyone around her. She had a warm smile and a strong jawline. She had shimmering blue eyes that were impossible to ignore. At the age of 17, a photo of her went was called the "Maldivian Girl with the blue eyes".

Her hypnotic beauty made her get the attention of modeling agencies. She was not really into modeling as she was into studying to become a doctor. After high school, she received a scholarship to study at Islamic bank medical college in Bangladesh. In October 2016, Vogue India offered her a chance she could not refuse. She ended up being on the cover. This was not received well by the Muslim community. There was a group of terrorists in the college that ruled the school. They were not at all happy that Rautha had worn revealing clothes!

At the time of her death, she was planning to transfer to Australia to be closer to her family. So apparently her friend went to see her but what she saw made her scream. The friend claimed that she called a few other friends who removed her from a hanging scarf that had been tied to a fun. An autopsy was performed on her without the consent of family members. They concluded that it was suicide. The father did not believe but when he inquired about marks on Rautha's neck he was told that they were birthmarks.

But let's be serious for a moment... can a parent not know their own child's birthmarks?

Her case has not been solved up to date... although at some point the friend was the main suspect because there were reasons to believe she was jealous of her. So the conclusion was that she hung herself on a fan...funny enough the fan did not break and we all know how these fans are fragile...imagine a weight of around 50kg being put on it...

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