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14 Actors That Will Feature In The Zora Series

The long awaited day is just around the corner and we hope that you are all ready. Many have been keeping calm just chilling for the next show after Maria reached the season finale. Now, we had been promised that Zora will start on 22nd of March and most of us are just counting hours. The jiffy pictures company and script writers have done their level best to ensure that you have all been served with nothing but quality job. They are all ready and the team is so set. All that has remained is just for you to make sure you have availed yourself by 7:30 at night to catch up with the Zora cast as they kick off with their journey. Now, here is the list of the people that you are going to meet tomorrow in your screen at Citizen TV. Real Names.

1) Blessings Lung'aho

2) Bridgit Shighadi

3) Quincy Andoh

4) Neema Sulubu

5) Sarah Hassan.

6) Angel Atieno

7) Synyor Kasuku

8) Neema Sulubu

9) Jackie Matubia

10) Ryan Mwenda

11) Brenda Michelle

12)David Eunice

13) Jabina Alice

14) Robert Agengo

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Blessings Lung'aho Bridgit Shighadi Neema Sulubu Quincy Andoh Zora


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