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Celebrities calming covid-19

Fans around the world are looking forward to Priyanka Chopra's, Chloe Xhale's , lauv, Dr. Nadine and Kerry Washington's Instagram live which is in conjunction with global citizen where they will be answering questions of their personal life as they promote World Health Organizations message on dealing with the Corona Virus spread.

Global citizen is a community of people who want to learn and take action on the world's biggest challenges like extreme poverty. They hold a music festival annually with Cold Play's Chris Martin as the curator. During this pandemic they have patnered with WHO to help sensitize the world on Corona Virus and how to fight it.

In the past five days Celebrities from all over the globe have joined the Global citizen community and held virtual no contact concerts to promote social distancing and taking action for global health. We have had Chris martin, Miguel, Common, Camilla Cabelo, Shawn Mendes, One Republic and locally our very own Sauti Sol perform some of their greatest hits with in between breaks to talk about the virus. they all pushed the agenda of social distancing and sanitizing to help control the spread of the virus.

The concerts have also helped people mainly extroverts maintain their sanity by showing them they are not alone and as a world we are all in this together and hope to get out of it soon. They have also lifted spirits as fans are able to communicate with them as they respond to their concerns. The concerts go from twenty minutes to a maximum of an hour depending on the celebrity's preference.

Here in Kenya celebrities who are not in the Global Citizen have taken initiative and decided to do it on their own to help with maintaining the situation. We have had Dj Joe Mfalme who recently won African Giant's DJ of the year went live on Instagram and mixed some of Kenya's greatest hits. he got support from his fans and other celebrities like Gramps Morgan who tuned in all the way from Jamaica and said he missed Kenya which he considers his home land and reminded everyone on the importance of following the guidlines to end this pandemic. He also had support from Vivianne, Bon Eye of Punit, Njugush among many others who interacted with some of the fans while spreading positive messages.

Kenya a nation that loves clubbing did not stop there as later in the night Dj Moh Spice came through with his Reggae mix with the same agenda in plan to encourage people to practice social distancing and show them staying at home doesnt have to be boring. Dj Kalonje also tuned in to the live where he told one of his fans he will soon be having his Instagram concert.

During this tough time Kenyans are hoping other Artists follow suit to give hope while entertaining them with the likes of Pascal Tokodi and Ronoh also doing a live together where they made Kenyans laugh. Internationally Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Oprah Winfrey, Snoop Dog among many others have also gone live to spread awareness and educate the people.

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