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"Je! Utawezana!" Charming photos of the Utawezana song artist rocking Instagram

Nowadays, live in a more civilized and technologically advanced world. These are times when minor things have nowadays been noted to go viral at a very fast rate in at the instant of occurrence. We can definitely remember a certain song that went viral allover the social media platforms. A song that definitely contained a message that was presented in form of a parable. The song goes by the name "Utawezana". It's a song that definitely hit leaving most listeners craving to meet the artists who performed the song. This was a song done by two artists who by then, they were yet to gain too much face. Unexpectedly, a few say after the release it made them gain unlimited fame.

These were Major the so called "Okwonkwo" and his partner "Femi one". This song has definitely turned out to be a game changer to both of them as Femi one got the largest fame both locally and internationally. This has earned him a chance of being summoned to hold shows at various places in the nation. As this happens, Kenya has continued to be proud of it's natured talents as it continues to uplift the name of the state.since then, Femi one's photos have always been the talk of the day on Instagram.

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Femi Je Okwonkwo Utawezana


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