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Maria: How Gloria Has Been Suffering In The Hands Of Her Mother

Gloria is looking for something to eat,she checks the plates but she does not find anything. She is forced to lick one of the empty tin. She wakes her mother up who is still drunk. She tells her that she was angry since she ha not eaten the previous day. Lorna tells her that if she wants food she can eat herself or even her. Better yet she should look for her father to buy her food. She tells her that she regrets having her with Victor.

In the process, someone knocks at the door. Lorna tells Gloria to go check but if it is the landlord she should tell him that she is not around. On opening the door,she finds out that it was Sofia and another old man. They both come in and Lorna is not pleased to see her.

Sofia tells her that with her was Omari who wanted to see his granddaughter. Lorna says that she cannot allow her daughter to come close to a witch. Omari says that he wanted to take Gloria because it was obvious that her mother could not provide for her. Gloria says that she wants to leave with her grandfather but Lorna threatens to beat her up.

Omari gives Lorna only two days to decide because he will come back for Gloria. Sofia hands over a bag of chips to Gloria and she leaves with her father.

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