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Daddie Marto And Koku Iwanga Funny Love Story

The love story of Daddie Marto and his wife Koku Iwanga never gets old as it keeps surprising people. They are blessed to have a son called Marcus and Koku is heavily pregnant now. This is where they got their youtube name Manapatao. Their relationship is so funny to watch especially because both Daddie and Koku are actors.

Their love story started years back when they met through their mutual friend Maureen. Marto noticed Koku and asked about her the day after. He only asled three questions about her if she is smart, single and also her age. When he found out that what he needed was right, he went ahead to ask for her number.

The surprising thing is that the met 12 days after knowing each other and Daddie marto asked koku to be her girlfriend.

Koku agreed and they started now officially dating. As if that was not enough, three months after that Koku was already pregnant. They even got the attention of their friends who told them they were taking things so fast. For koku and Marto they were okay with how things were flowing as they were ready for it from the start.

They decided to visit the parents of Koku before she gives birth. So they organized for the official pre wedding in Uganda and a lot of their friends attended the event. They had the quickest marriage procedure ever and they were so okay with that as it helped them reduce expenses to be used.

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