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Netizens Blast King Kaka For Claiming That Drop Outs Are More Successful than Graduates

A debate on who is successful than the other has been in air for long. Some people claim that those who go through the education system and graduate are more successful while others claim that drop outs are more successful than graduate.

Singer king kaka has created an online debate after claiming that drop outs are more successful than graduates. “Drop Outs are more successful than graduates. Hard Truth.” King Kaka. His tweet has created an online debate with some supporting it while others blasting it.

“Soo watu wasisome ama” Mukwarra blasted king kaka. “It’s true some dropouts end up being successful, but its not true that they are more than graduates. I just hope you graduates… we know you’ve already made it through” Mr. Vee replied.

From an angle, many people fail to understand that we all have different fates. Education is just one of the factors and its not necessary that graduating will guarantee you success.

There are 3 ways one becomes successful. Hard work, luck and dream big. Unfortunately, many of us have to work hard to be successful and that includes going through school. Those who are gifted and talented have a lucky life while those who dream big create success in entrepreneurship.

Share your thoughts, do you think King Kaka is saying hard truth as he claims?

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