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The Blacklist Fans: Get The Story, Season Eight Has Revealed In Disguise 'Red's'True Identity

The crime drama series has continued to elicit mixed reactions throughout since its debut in 2013.

In its first season, the show was superb, thrilling, throwing to us much coincidences in regards to the protagonist Raymond's list of criminal entities and their networks, all thanks to his book of collection of crimes termed, 'the blacklist.'

His eccentric nature, humour, always left many fans not just excited, but far taken almost breaking peoples' ribs.

Now, what has left fans wandering and questioning throughout, is his obsession with Elizabeth Keen. Who is he towards her? Why has he always tendered her with much fatherly love, cautious of her and ensured she lives a comfortable and protected life?

Is he the father? Well, the identity of Raymond has always been far from anyone's knowledge.

Anyone knocking to know who he is, has always ended up being dead. For instance, there was once a 'suitcase of bones' which Raymond concealed with much zeal, not wanting anyone to find out its content, more so its DNA.

It was alleged, those bones belonged to real 'Raymond Reddington' but no one ever found out, since that intelligence was nowhere close to coming out and for sure it ended Liz's husband precious life, Tom Keen, for coming close to find out.

At one time, 'Red's' DNA test, revealed he was Elizabeth's father. She experienced mixed feelings, being happy to have a father and at the same time, having a difficult acceptance of a man who is a fugitive, and the most wanted criminal in the FBI list.

She worked with him, building the criminal empire, despite being an agent of federal bureau of investigation.

However, her happiness was short lived, as a Russian man identified as 'Constantine Rostov' came calling claiming to be the father, and while Liz in his homestead, experienced past childhood memories which cemented the fact that indeed, he was the 'dad', but soon later, it was discovered, he had ulterior motives and only wanted her in exchange of blood cells.

Season eight, has revealed most of the clues about the show's leading character.

First, in almost the end of the show, Mrs. Keen was introduced to a facility in Latvia, which came to be identified as the blacklist.

In this remote, russian-like facility, she came close to finding the answers she has been looking for. Memories of people she has been close too were served, close to being a true face-to-face ordeal occasion, but it was more of a hologram moment.

In either case, she learnt the whole story, how her life was founded through lies and majorly being a daughter of spy parents.

Armed with this intel, she wanted very much to know who the man in decent, shining lovely huts was. Much to her disappointment, her mother was not ready to reveal this part, furthermore, Townsend was in the building and bullets were all over the room.

The finale episode gave a glimpse of the main person in the story.

The leading actor proposed an arrangement with his 'special Elizabeth' for the latter to kill him inorder to solidify her stand in the vast list of dangerous criminals who will be after her especially with the demise of the main villain 'Townsend' which would probably facilitate other related villains come knocking.

Keen agreed to kill Red, at an arranged time, in the night, before this, Liz, had earlier on, inquired how well he knew her mother, 'Katarina', his reply was, "I knew her better than anyone."

In the final act of Liz shooting Red, it happened that he could not bring herself to pulling the trigger and therefore, someone else, Vandyke from Neville's camp, took advantage and shot her. Red retaliated by killing him multiple times.

As she was dying, flashes of memories, picturing her entire friends lingered through her very own eyes, something unique happened, as Red approached her, she saw both images of her mother and Red at the same time, another piece of memory was when her mother kissed her in the forehead which was exactly juxtaposed by Red kissing her on the forehead.

So what do you learn? Red is probably Katarina. Remember the part where he was to give her a letter from her mother, and she asked, "Why don't you want me to read it, until you are gone." He replied, "Because if you know beforehand, you will never kill me."

All this suggests one thing, Raymond, is scientifically modified Katarina, her mother in disguise.

Content created and supplied by: Marcos254kenyabgm (via Opera News )

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