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5 Successful Celebrities Who Never Drink Alcohol

When most people think about the lives of celebrities, champagne-soaked parties usually come to mind. Despite the glamorous parties of Hollywood, these celebrities don't drink at all.

1. Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Lopez has shared that she does not drink anymore these days, and there is a good reason for it.

Lopez no doubt has amazing complexion, and her secret is to simply not drink alcohol. It makes sense because she looks the same way she did 15 years ago.

2. Eminem

One of the hardest parts for the rapper was going to rehabilitation programs as he did not have the necessary anonymity that most addicts need to recover.It's 12 years now since Eminem had his last alcohol experience and things have changed for him.

3. Chris Martin

Chris Martin is famous for his healthy lifestyle.He doesn’t drink, smoke, or even sip coffee.

4. Kendrick Lamar

In a 2013 interview with GQ, the rapper revealed that he doesn’t drink or do drugs despite the lyrics in his songs. Kendrick opened up about growing up in a family that partied regularly, including substance use. Because of this, he doesn’t drink or do drugs, and wants to be an advocate for living drug-free.

5. Kim Kardashian West

Despite ads on her Instagram, typical vices like drinking and drugs don’t do it for the star. Kim Kardashian West says she doesn't drink because of her sister Kourtney Kardashian.

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