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Professor Hamo Breaks Silence On What Has Been Going Viral Between Him And Jemutai

Yesterday has actually been one of the worst days for Professor Hamo who is a renown comedian. This happened after his follow comedian claimed that Hamo has children with her but doesn't care about them. Jemutai said that she is living as a single mother with 2 children but their father hasn't been taking care of them. This went to an extent that Hamo could no longer bare the shame. In reaction to this, professor Hamo reacted today.

Speaking today, Hamo admitted the fact that he has five children. Some of which live with him while others are far from him. Hamo said that there is no time when he has ever stopped taking care of his children by providing food and shelter. 

He said that he believes children deserve to be taken care of in a good atmosphere. He said that Jemutai made a major mistake exposing the children on media. He blamed Jemutai for unravelling the children's privacy on media.

However, Hamo said that he understands that sometimes people can get frustrated especially when they can't get what they want. He said he is lost of words but hopes for peace and wisdom.

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