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A Definition Of Zari Hassan's Photo With A Mysterious Woman"What You Order Vs What You Get"

Celebrities are people who draw attention because if there charm, charisma and qualities that people find themselves attracted to. That is why most commoners or rather people draw Celebrities as their icons, role models, idols and their source of inspiration.

Zari Hassan is a celebrity and public figure known across Africa mainly because she once dated the famous East Afrhcan artist from Tanzania, Diamond Platinums who ended up siring with him two children. Ever since Zari Hassan's lift and rise to fame, many draw her as an icon and source of inspiration.

Zari Hassan is fashionable as her most if the time, she is always dressed by famous African designers who have a top tier taste of fashion sense. Since people draw her as inspiration whether it comes from fashion styles, wig/hairstyle or even skin lightening, peopledo these things so as to look like her.

A mysterious woman who wanted to copy Zari Hassan's type of gown just to look like her ended up being disappointed. The woman probably went to a local tailor and told him/her to make her a gown that simply looks like that of Zari Hassan's. This mysterious lady ended up getting what she did not order as she was presented with an awkward dress that made people laugh at her when the photo resurfaced on the Internet.

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