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Five Reasons Why Genevieve Is The Queen Of Nollywood.

It's not just her ageless and unique beauty that Make Genevieve Nnaji Nollywood's undisputed queen. Neither is it just her talent. The actress has a few tricks up her sleeves that make her stand out.

She chooses her roles

Genevieve doesn't just act any role in any movie, she picks out the outstanding movies. Movies that are bound to be a hit and raise a conversation. She also selects roles that are memorable. You know those characters that evoke emotions, either love or hate, and make you remember them. I mean who can forget Esther in Blood Sisters? We all hated her in that moment and that is why we all remember her.

She is unavailable

Miss Nnaji doesn't pop in every Nollywood production, neither is she always popping up in our IG feeds all the time. She makes you miss her. She makes you wait for her next movie, her next photo so that when it finally comes we all just want to go watch it, or like it, or comment.

She is relatable

Instead of glammed up pictures of herself in tones of make-up, the mother of one, posts pictures of herself looking natural. She gives real snippets of her life. Her home, her sisters, her father, her vacation house. She doesn't just show the parties and achievements but everything in between. Have you noticed that almost almost all her Instagram posts make it to the news? Blogs I mean.

The award winning producer doesn't perpatuate impossible beauty standards. Hour glass figures, flawless skin and hair that never grey's. Instead she shows a rare elegance by embracing her body as it matures.

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