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Switch TV: Naagin Update

Mahir walks into jungle holding Bela’s veil and asks if he wants to show that he and Bela.. Bela and Vikranth reach jungle as snake and turn back to human. Bella runs searching Mahir. Dupatta flies and falls on her. She starts crying emotionally looking at Mahir. Tujhme Rab Dikhta plays in the background. Bela hugs and cries that he is safe. Veil falls on them. Vikranth watches them hiding. Mahir says his legs slipped and he fell down. She scolds how could be he so careless, she would not have been alive if something had happened to him. He says her veil saved him. Mahir thanks god. She gets concerned seeing his forehead injury. He says he got her, her wound is healed. Vikranth walks to them disguised as Yuvi and says thank god he is alive and takes him ohme. Sumitra gets worried seeing his scratched hands and asks Yuvi to get first-aid box. Bela gives first-aid box. Yuvi aks Bela to get doctor’s number. She gives him number. He touches her sensuously and asks to relax. Mahir watches them. Bela goes out followed by Yuvi. He turns back to Vikranth and says she acted well worried for Mahir. She walks back to Mahir’s room. Vikranth turns back to Yuvi and thinks if Ruhi is really in Mahir’s love. Bela say she will stay with Mahir. Sumitra says she should not stay with Mahir as Yuvi will not like it and asks to send soup via Bhushan servant, she does not anyone getting wrong signal. Bela walks out. Yuvi asks if she wants to stay with him and says he can understand what she is feeling, he will go and kill Mahir without any pain and send him to heaven.

Vish thinks she cannot cross Belpatra, so she has to break wall. She sits to become sanke when ACP walks in and asks what is she doing. She says what is he doing, she is not a criminal. He takes her to his desk and asks what she is doing. She says what if she does not say. He says she can sit here staring him and he will stare at her. At home, Bela disguised Yuvi walks to Andy and asks if he can speak to him for a minute. Andy says his spoilt son wants to speak, he can. Yuvi says Bela does not love Mahir and everyone knows. Andy says Mahir is very sensitive. Yuvi says that is why he is staying with Mahir tonight and solve his problem. Andy asks what if he cannot. Yuvi says let us see and walks into Mahir’s room. Vikral as Yuvi comes there and thinks who is this doppelganger. Mahir asks Yuvi if he is angry that I created a drama at sunset point and says Bela is so good that nobody can ignore or get away from her, he is helpless. Yuvi walks out saying he will get medicine for him and walks out and turning back to Bela cries ho can Mahir be so innocent. Vikral walks to her and asks what is she doing here. She says did not he see Mahir is very sad, he is innocent. Mahir walks to them. In police station, Vish says she does not need ACP’s permission and tries to leave. ACP rings bell to call constables. Vish says ok fine, reveals that she she is not convinced that the man who came back as Yuvi is really Yuvi, so she wants to find out truth and needs his help, will he. He happily agrees. She falls asleep on table. He wakes her up and says he had left his team behind Yuvi and this is what they got, he shows CTTV footage where Vikranth’s back is seen. He walks out of car and goes behind tree and turns into Yuvi. Vish identifies kada in his biceps and says she has seen it before. He says he wants to know who this man is, Anu aunty told icchahari nag nagin can disguise into anythihng.

Mahir sees Yuvi and Bela and asks what are they doing here. They both walk in with. Yuvi says he will stay with bhai and sends Bela, then tells Mahir that he must have realized that Bela is very sensitive and does not reveal her feelings, she loves him and not Mahir. Mahir thinks may be Yuvi is wrong, whatever he felt for Bela is right. Vikral takes Bela to haveli and asks what was she doing with Mahir and asks why did not she kill Mahir yet. Bela says because Mahir is innocent and Vikranth is creating situation to believe. Vikranth says did not she see Mahir and his friends/brothers tried to kill him, holding her tightly. She says it is hurting. He says let it be, she does not know what he is feeling. She says that is why Mahir is different from him, Mahir would not hurt her at all and her words about life partner were for Mahir. He says she fell in Mahir’s love and forgot their 100-year-old love. She says Aghori baba told Mahir is her life partner and her poison did not harm Mahir. Vikranth cries that she forgot their century old love and her heart beats for Mahir now. She tries to calm him down, but he continues. She leaves.

Anu checks at her DSLR camera when someone walks in. She nervously asks what is she/he doing here. He/she hits her head and once she collapses drags her holding her leg.

Yuvi walks into Mahir’s room in the morning with juice. Mahir thanks him for giving medicine, he slept well because of that. Yuvi says he wants to talk to him and has called whole family to living room. Family gathers and discuss Yuvi called them all. Yuvi brings Mahir down. Sumitra calls Kuhu. Kuhu walks out of her room and sees blood coming from Anu’s room. She opens door and sees Anu’s dead body. She shouts Anu…..Family gathers. Anu’s father breaks down. Police takes her body for postmortem. Andy yells at ACP for not finding clue. ACP says he is trying and can just say that Anu’s head was hit by heavy object. Constable brings camera and says he found it in Anu’s room. ACP checks and says there is a video in it which Anu would have recorded. They watch video on laptop where Anu sees a woman and identifies her, woman hits her head and kills her. Kuhu cries that this house has ichadhari nags.


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