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Maria Series: 3 Unusual Events Which Occured During Maria's Wedding

The long awaited wedding between Maria and Luwi was Finally successful and was conducted on the episode aired on Thursday, 18th March.

However, not all the people who attended the wedding were with good motive. This saw some unusual and unexpected events happening at the wedding.

Some of these events include:

1. The shooting of Sofia by Brenda.

Now, people go to weddings to celebrate and make merry. However, crime was witnessed when Brenda pulled out a pistol and shot Sofia by the waist.

2. The Arrest of boss William.

At the day his eldest son was getting married, Mr. William was handcuffed and led to prosecution by the detective.

3. Madman Victor appears.

The venue where the wedding was happening was Victor's home. He actually referred to himself as the Don. However, one thing led to another and Victor became mad after the spell by Mzee Omari.

Victor then appeared at the wedding and his center of interest was the food.

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