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8 Movie Scenes that were very Challenging to the Actors

There are a lot of movie scenes that might make us wonder how the actors and actress were able to do them because of how intense they were. Turns out that even the actors of these scenes were also so uncomfortable in their situation; here are some of the scenes actors and actresses were so uncomfortable during the shooting.

Sharon stone in basic instinct

According to the actress, this scene really affected her life; this is the scene that showed the actress crossing her legs, she did not know how it would look like before the cut. The director promised that no one would see anything, after the premiere, she was shocked and even slapped the director in his face

Taylor Lautner in the Twilight Saga

He attracted many viewers due to her muscular body; in the movie, there were few occasions where he was supposed to show his strong body when transforming into a wolf. The actor did not like this idea because at some point he would be almost naked in front of the camera

Kate Winslet in Titanic

The scene where Kate asks Jack to draw her was so uncomfortable for the actress simply because she was ashamed of her body. Also she felt uncomfortable doing this in front of Jack. Due to this, some fans come along with drawing that portray how jack drew her so that she may sign them but she refuses because she is a grown woman with a family 

Natalie Portman in black swan

She won an Oscar for her role in this film; however one of the scenes that still are a great challenge to her is the shot between her and Mila Kunis. She did not like the scene because Mila and she were close friends

Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad

She is one of the main characters in suicide squad with great skills. She played the role of Harley Quinn where she was not so pleased with a number of things. First she was not comfortable in her costume and secondly she did not like the scene where she had to fall in a bowl of chemicals. According to her, this was the was moment of her career since the liquid go into her eyes, nose and ears

Josh Brolin in avengers

He is the guy who played the role of Thanos in this movie and he did it very well. However he admitted that the scene where he had to murder Loki was unpleasant to him. Loki had stages his death several time throughout the film, so Thanos had to be sure that he ended him completely this round, however seeing him struggle, the character seemed so brutal for the actor. Josh felt bad about him because he had spent a lot of time with him and it was his last shot

Chris Hemsworth in Thor

He does not like showing off his body on camera so he felt so uncomfortable when he had to show his muscular body in front of the camera. He tried to convince the director to get rid of the shirtless scenes but he did not.

Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones

This is one of the most popular TV series and there are some scenes that were so uncomfortable to some of the actors for example the scene between Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa. It was revealed that Jason Momoa realized that Emilia Clarke was nervous during the scene where they were together, so he had to make the situation less intense.

Which of the above scenes would you feel awkward when doing if you were an actor or actress?

Content created and supplied by: NastieEddie (via Opera News )

Sharon Taylor Lautner Twilight Saga


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