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"I Was Defiled By A gang of Four Men, That Was Organised by My best Friend" Pauline Juma Narrates.

Sometimes your best friend can be your best enemy, that is why I always insist that you should trust yourself and expect or be ready to handle anything, because we all have friends who are secret enemies, and they don't want to see us prosper in life.

Pauline is one of the girls who have been through hell at the age of 16 years, due to her best friend who betrayed her. Speaking in an interview with Presenter Ali, Pauline said that she was born and raised in the slums of Kibera. Life at childhood was not easy because they used to sleep hungry.

Despite having all those challenges Pauline had an art of giving and any small food they will get she could hide some and share with her best friend.There friendship continued till HighSchool when her best friend dropped out of school due to pregnancy. She was Chased at their home, but Pauline intervened with the parents and promised to share with the girls any small donations she gets from her sponsors.

Despite going to school, Pauline used to share her pocket money with the girl, till one day when she faced the reality. Her best friend had invited her just to relax, Pauline didn't know it was a plan, but when she entered the house, her friend knocked him from behind and pushed him to his brothers side.

In the house there were four men, who held her tightly and two of them Assaulted her will the other two were holding her tightly. After the Incident she was warned that if she tells her mother, then that will be the end of their family.

It was a very difficult time for her because, she wasn't able to walk well, she limped upto the hospital, given medication and returned home in pain but didn't tell her mother.

Since then Pauline hated men, till she finished form four when she decided to get married, but her first marriage was toxic and her husband used to beat her, she left with one child and went directly to the second one which was also toxic.

She decided to stay single, raise his two children and also come up with a plan to help the defiled children. Currently Pauline has a stay house where she is helping young girls who are defiled at their younger age. This is indeed an epic story, i hope you are taking notes, that at the end of every tunnel there is always light.

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Pauline Pauline Juma Narrates


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