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Alaaaaa, Shakila Reveals Her Dwory Price to be Atleast Ksh. 10M

Alaaaaa, Shakila Could Be The Most Expensive Lady To Marry Now In Kenya Standing At Atleast Ksh. 10M

Do you have a fiancee? Did you pay for her dowry or she came and stayed? LOL. Am sorry, but do you know why we pay dowry? Do you know the importance of dowry to a family?

Okay let me remind you a bit, dowry is the price we pay to family of that one person you want to have for the rest of your life. Apparently here in Kenya Men are the ones who pay dowry unlike other communities like Indians where women are the ones paying dowry.

We pay dowry as an appreciation for the girl you love and you want to appreciate her family for taking care of her all that time she was with them. We also pay dowry as a form of respect to the wife's family and also as a replacement for the girl you're taking away from them.

Every girl has got her own bridal price according to her class or her parents, that is what will matter on her dowry price. Remember this dowry is a must.

So yesterday Shakila, our Kenyan socialite gave out her dowry price and every one was like "w-what?" Shakila said that if you want to marry her right now , you must pay Ksh. 10M plus 15 bulls and a shopping of Ksh. 100k.

Imagine that dude, do you still want to marry?

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