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Last Words Of Mama Mona As His Lover, Daughter And Sisters Dead Bodies Arrive From The Mortuary

Many of you especially TikTok lovers might have come across Baba Mona and Mama Mona, famous TikTokers who have been doing very incredible content for their fans. Apparently, the couple who have their daughter Mona have been doing family related content and many felt the need to copy from them since they have been including modernity that's why they had a big audience.

Couple of days ago, Baba Mona was outside running his daily errands alongside his daughter Mona and relatives. They actually got involved in a deadly accident that took their lives immediately. The all died and were rushed to the mortuary a saddening moment that left Mama Mona so heartbroken and troubled.

Today, the bodies arrived from the mortuary and people were there to help Mama Mona remain strong as she viewed the bodies of her kin. She actually couldn't stay strong and the only words she was heard saying 'I love you, I love you' as she promised to love her husband even after death. This was the last thing she was heard saying as she broke down to tears. The bodies will be buried on 18th March in Awasi Kisumu. Source, TUKO.

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