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Zora: Reason Zalena Has Killed Herself

Today's episode marks the end of Zora series and many people will miss the series because it had alot of lessons in life. Zalena was arrested for selling drugs trafficking and she will pay her evils behaviours in the prison.

Unfortunately, Zalena has died while in the prison and it's big shock to Kwame because he saw his mother in good health just few days ago. Lorreta also will not believe Zalena is no more.

Zalena has killed herself just to free his son, Kwame. Zalena loves his son so much and she knew she will rot in jail and the best thing she could do is to carry Kwames cross for killing Alma and end her life. Kwame is now a free man because the police can't arrest him for killing Alma and Zalena Confessed to them that she killed Alma herself and she is dead so they will be no case anymore.

Madiba has left the house and don't know their mother has died. Kwame has tried to reach him but no response.

Rest in peace Zalena. She has died in the series not in real life.

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