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"I thought Sauti Sol was too young for me" Phillip Tuju say's in the new podcast The Bald Box

Bien from Sauti Sol has started a new podcast called The Bald Box where he is the host. In the first episode, Bien has two guests Chessa kweyu and Phillip Tuju.

The podcast is staged in a barbershop and the trio are sitting in fancy chairs. They are enjoying Jameson whiskey as they talk.

The podcast starts with introduction and Bien introduces himself then Chessa introduces himself and finally Phillip Tuju. The conversation starts off with Bien and Tuju going down memory lane.

Apparently, Tuju was Sauti Sol's first music teacher and he says that when he was teaching them back in the day, he did not expect them to be better than him. The thought this because he was two years older than them.

The main topic for this first podcast is about education. Each gives his own idea of school and Bien contrasts the African perception of school with the modern culture.

Click the link below to watch the full video

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