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Maria And Dida Disagrees On Love Issues (Sultana Series Written Updates) 2nd March 2023

Fatima after waking up she is preparing to leave. She is now ready and only waiting for Sada to leave before she also leaves. Sada calls a taxi and she leaves to the village to attend the burial. Fatima also gets a chance to leave. She didn't want Sada to see her leaving. After Sada has travelled for sometime, she notices she has forgotten her phone in the house. She comes back to pick it and this is the time Fatima is also leaving. Sada sees her leaving, something Fatima didn't want.

Dida is still angry. She tells her father Buya she wants to go and look for work to do. Buya refuses and tells her she can't go now because she isn't well. Dida tells Buya it seems things are not okay since after she told her mother about Buya's condition she has never said anything. Maria asks Dida hope she isn't going back to the village. Dida feels angry and tells Maria hope she could have known what being in love and loving someone is. Maria also gets angry and tells Dida there is nothing she doesn't know. Maria gets out of the house and Dida follows her. Maria tells Dida never to question and judge her about her life.

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