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Kumbe Si Yake; Ringtone Given Ten Days To Willingly Vacate His Premises Or Face Eviction

Who doesn't Know the proud and arrogant gospel singer Ringtone Apoko? The self-proclaimed chairman of the gospel industry in Kenya is the number one certified attention seeker. He is also an entrepreneur as well as an online clout-chaser. He is among the wealthiest artists in Kenya at the moment.

A while back, he came up beating his chest and blasting his fellow artists for the fact that they were still leaving in rented apartments. He claimed they were living a fake life because, in real sense, they couldn't even afford a meal on their tables. He went ahead to show off his huge mansion and cars alleging that he was the most handsome and richest artist in East Africa.

However, there is a plot twist because he allegedly received an evacuation notice. From it, the owner of the property passed on and his family is expected to take over in ten days. He allegedly just trespassed.


Nevertheless, some netizens argued it could be his usual clout chasing business while others just laughed at him. If it's true, do you think anyone can come to his aid?

So, can someone be evacuated from their legally earned property? No, right? Maybe it was never his.

Content created and supplied by: Lilianaoko03 (via Opera News )

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