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Striking Resemblance of Sultana's Othman Njaidi and Lenana Kariba (Photos)

The first time I saw JJ on the Sultana show which airs on Citizen TV from Monday to Friday at 7pm, for a minute I thought he was Lenana Kariba.

Lenana Kariba is a Kenyan actor in his own right and he has acted in several TV shows which is why for a moment I thought he was the one acting in Sultana. It turned out that Lenana only resembled Othman Njaidi who goes by the show name Jabali Junior or JJ hence the confusion. I know I'm not the only one who has noticed their resemblance and I have photos to prove. Take a look at a few photos of them that I compiled;

These two can easily pass as brothers and it is such a coincidence that both are actors. Othman is however from Tanzania and brother to the late actor Steven Kanumba while Lenana Kariba is from Kenya.

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