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Furious Mungai Eve exposes Manzi wa Kibera in Mombasa

It is impossible to think about YouTubers and online Tv shows without mentioning big names such as Mungai Eve, the commentator, Presenter Ali, SPM Buzz among others. And who is making the headlines today? That's right, the one and only Mungai Eve. With a massive 259k followers on Instagram and over 428k subscribers on YouTube, Eve rose to fame in around October of 2020 when she decided to venture into YouTube, assisted by her then and current boyfriend who is also her director, Trevor. Ever since she made the decision to venture into online, interviews she has become the leading online Tv show, interviewing great celebrities in Kenya such as Jalango, Willy Paul, Ringtone, among others. She is also often seen hanging out with other celebrities such as YouTuber Pluto.

However, it seems fame and money comes with a price. Yesterday, Eve and her boyfriend Trevor decided to take a trip and flew to Mombasa. Was it for business? pleasure? business and pleasure? We don't really know. But when the two landed in Mombasa, they were surrounded by paparazzi and just couldn't avoid some of the questions being thrown at them. One question in particular was about Mungai Eve's relationship with socialite Manzi wa Kibera. Eve and Manzi wa Kibera always seemed to be great friends, with Eve having several videos about her on her channel. Lately however, it seems there have been some kind of drifting and beef between the two and Eve and Trevor had this to say about her,

"Manzi wa Kibera is a liar. She invited us to a house claiming it's her house yet it is not. She cons Kenyans and that is why we don't want to be associated with her anymore. We don't want to ruin our brand by associating with thieves and liars. She claims to be living in poor conditions when she is perfectly fine and even plans on travelling to Germany. People claim we don't assist her, but how do we assist someone who is not in need? We don't want to be associated with her."

Seeing what Eve and her boyfriend Trevor said about her, Manzi wa Kibera posted a series of stories on her Instagram saying," Money and fame can change people but it's okay i will not judge... all I can say is am grateful that people helped me to get a passport and something to eat... I'll travel soon and at least hustle for myself. Why would I stay in Kibera when i can stay in Karen?"

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