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Sultana: Dida and Kaka Spend A Night Together And Mwanzele Finds Them

In today's episode, Dida will spend one night with Kaka. She will wake early in the morning and recalls the time she came to Kaka's house drunk. Kaka will be awake and Dida tells him that she can't believe JJ was around last night. Kaka tells her that JJ is lucky because it was night if it could be daytime he will forget that people are mourning and JJ could not like it.

Kaka will then warn Dida to never come while drunk. Dida tells him she was stressed because her father is nowhere to be found and his phone is switched off. Kaka tells her he didn't know and should not worry he will be there for her. Dida tells him they should not judge a person without finding the truth.

Kaka promises Dida he will never leave her and in case she wants someone to talk to she can come to him. Dida will be happy and will hug Kaka tightly. Mwanzele will find them and Dida will just leave. Kaka tells Mwanzele is an adult and nothing should explain to him because Dida came by herself. Mwanzele tells him he was just passing by.

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