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Top Five Characters that men love in a woman

Things that men find attractive in women in this century can vary just as follows,

1. Intelligence

Most men have become sapiosexual. They are attracted to women who are high achievers. Unlike in the past where men wanted women who cook great meals,these days they prefer women who do well in matters education. Intelligent women are deemed to make the right family decisions and argue out better. A common meme goes," I would rather marry a woman who can say let's work this out rather than one who bursts out."

2. Industrious and indipendant

Just as in Neyo's hit song Miss Independent,men are attracted to women who can fend for themselves. These are the kind of women who may want a man and not necessarily need him. Such women are able to do well with a little support if need be and are ideal to maneuver through tough economic times.

3. Hilarious

While it's a common stereotype that relationships are serious things,a little laughter here and there won't hurt. Men love women who can be their best friends. They can crack jokes together.

4. Opinionated

Men are attracted to women who have an input in a conversation. It's the kind that paves way for new ideas and another way to look at things. No man wants to date an all time yes woman.

5. Affectionate

Men also want to be loved. They want little things done to them too. These are things such as smiling at them and holding them down.

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