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Meet The Mzungu Man That Has Confused Kenyan Ladies (PHOTOS)

A Mzungu man who goes by the name Mike Olivia, has been the new topic on all social media platforms for the past one week now.

As we all know, Mike Olivia has been exposing photos of women who have enjoyed his company and even went to an extent of threatening them that he would also share their videos.

The Mzungu Man who came to Kenya for a vacation, become famous all over the social media platforms after he managed to deceive a huge number of Kenyan ladies and bedded them. Mike Olivia, later responded to critics where he said that he came, saw and conquered.

"I came, I saw, I conquered! When a friend of mine told me that Kenyan women are loose, I didn't believe, couldn't believe it until I came to Kenya with a mission. And yet I swung into action immediately with post paid lodging services in major cities." Mike Olivia's message read.

The Mzungu man then added,

"I indiscrimately went for them, tall and short, slim and fat, single and taken, married but loose. I left no stone unturned. Today I agree with my friend's assertion, in fact, loose is understatemated of what these women are. Just show them a dollar and you'll see them shake. A dollar melts them like ice in summer. Perhaps my skin colour too excites them."

What is your opinion about Mike Olivia? Drop your comments below.

Below are some photos of Mike Olivia,

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